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Thara Sacra

Thara Sacra Radiate Chakra Oil

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My absolute favorite of the Chakra Oils by Thara Sacra.  For me it's nostalgic; it reminds me of picking Queen Annes Lace in my grandmothers wildflower garden.

An expansive and grounding blend. Radiate helps to balance and unite all the chakras bringing one's spiritual and physical life into balance. 

Individual to each person, this scent reflects the truest part of the soul allowing the user to radiate from within.



Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Uplifting and invigorating. Sweet Orange helps to balance and clear the sacral chakra keeping one in the present moment.

Neroli Essential Oil: Opening and stimulating. Neroli helps open the heart chakra to the vibration of love and stimulates the crown chakra.

Cardamom Essential Oil: Grounding and balancing. Cardamom assists with bringing one's spiritual and physical life into balance.

Davana Essential Oil: Empowering and reflective. Davana helps to break through limitations and expand ideas. Used frequently in perfumery this essential oil smells different on each person reflecting their individual spirit.

Elemi Essential Oil: Balancing and uniting. Elemi moves energy through the body uniting all the chakras and bringing balance to mind, body, and spirit

    Thara Sacra Radiate Chakra Oil
    Thara Sacra Radiate Chakra Oil


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    Yes! All of the products we carry are cruelty free!

    Why Korean skincare?

    South Korea is at least a decade ahead in terms of ingredients and skincare technology.